Bursting the myths about the wine

Relishing a super delicious wine can be the most enticing experience ever. Being a wonderful complex beverage, wine is a drink that can be drunk on either a regular basis or on rare occasions. If you are a wine novice, you may have doubts or misconceptions about wine that came from the conversations of long wine drinkers. 

In this blog by Highstreet wines, we are here to debunk the myths that stop you from being a part of your wine circle. 

Here are the top 5 common myths that you need to let go of:

  1. Wine improves with time- If you have an unopened bottle of wine stored in your almirah for so long and you are thinking that the more you wait the more it will taste better then let us tell you that you are wrong. 90% of the wine produced worldwide is intended for consumption within a year or two of production, and many wine lovers actually prefer wine that is still young and flavourful.

  2. You get worse hangovers from wine- No, alcohol causes hangovers! Alcohol converts to acetaldehyde, which is toxic and causes those unpleasant side effects. People get confused because wine is more alcoholic than many other types of alcohol (such as beer!). You must drink within the limit and drink lots of water if you are new to wines.

  3. Sweet wines are only for amateurs- People who prefer their wine sweet are frequently regarded as boring or immature. But the reality is some of the most coveted and revered wines in the world tend to be on the sweeter side. Riesling appears on lists of most expensive wines, and French Sauternes and Italian Amarone are among the best sweet wines that you can buy.

  4. Blended wines have low quality- As the name implies, blended wines are produced using two distinct grape varieties. Even though they are typically less expensive, these are still worth drinking. Two inexpensive grape varieties can be blended expertly to produce powerful flavors. Hence, blended wines are classy yet inexpensive.

  5. White for fish, red for meat- Even if you know nothing about wine, you’ve probably heard that you should order white wine with chicken or fish and red wine with beef. In reality, there is no hand and fast rule when it comes to ordering red or white wines with dinner. Remember that choosing the ideal wine for your meal has more to do with enhancing the flavors and sauces. In the end, pairing wine with food is entirely a matter of taste, so if it tastes good, go for it.

So, the next time you hear someone speaking these false myths about wine, prove them wrong by stating these facts! 

Happy Drinking!